Suzanne Mulligan’s Oral History Collection

Welcome to my oral history collection. I have a passionate interest in oral history and interviewing elderly people who have an interesting story to tell about their lives. If you know someone like that who lives in the Brisbane area or even a relative who has had an interesting life that you feel should be recorded, please contact me. I have done oral histories for my own family as well as other people, most of whom are listed below. I will continue to add to my collection. You can email me at (you can copy & paste this email address to your email account)

Suzanne Mulligan BA
Life Member Oral History Queensland

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I did this “lightning” presentation at the Oral History Australia National Conference in October 2019.
My Queensland related interviews have been donated to the State Library of Queensland.  See SLQ One Search – Suzanne Mulligan Oral Histories Archive,

Eric Abraham – a World War I veteran

Jackie Trembling– a former hairdresser and “Ten Pound Pom”

Jim Iliffe – a World War II veteran who escaped the fall of Singapore

Eve Scott – a WAAAF veteran who worked with the codebreakers in Brisbane

Denis Mulligan – a soldier’s experiences in World War II

John Piechowski – a World War II survivor who migrated to Australia

Bob Downey – Korean War veteran – fought in Battle of the Hook

Ron Perkins – Korean War and Vietnam War veteran – fought in the significant Battle of Kapyong in the Korean campaign

Ron Mahony – oldest “Old Boy” of the Toowong Rowing Club

Geoff Voysey – the last Chief Property Officer for Queensland

Hugh Willis– Queen’s Harbour Master in the immediate aftermath of the Falklands War

Cal Malouf – member Toowong Rowing Club

Olwyn Green – Korean War historian

Charlie Gibbs – member of the 1936 Antarctic expedition to rescue Ellsworth and Kenyon

Cecil Smith – worked in the Fingerprint Bureau from 1934 to 1959

Edith Edwards – member of Australian Women’s Land Army during World War II

Keith (The Count) Blicharski – champion speedway rider/driver of the 1950s and 1960s

Doreen Balfour – trained at Prince Henry Hospital, Little Bay in 1940s

Les Keefer – Club Captain of Toowong Rowing Club in the 1950s

Glenda Carson – former student and teacher at Richmond High School

Hazel Hernsdorf – stenographer for US Navy during WWII, ABC Toowong and United Nations

Jim Stratton – Dunkirk veteran

George Watts – New Guinea war veteran and pioneer driving instructor

Paul Vandeleur – pioneering Northern Territory cattle property owner

Betty Vandeleur – trained at Mater Hospital then lived at NT cattle station.

Alan Roaf – international rowing coach.

Muriel Bath – one of Queensland’s first policewomen

Bob Dansie – New Guinea war veteran and first Principal of Centenary Heights State School, Toowoomba

Bill Kearney – former prison warder at Boggo Road and Wacol Prison.

John Ready – engineer involved with building dams and the Ghan Railway.

Geoff Swindells – turret gunner on Lancaster bomber during World War II.

Peter Marsh – Australian Paralympian.

Doug Davis – served in Royal Navy during World War II.

Trevor Clifford – Botanist

Mal Lancaster – Defence Force photographer, specialising in F-111 fighter jet

Bill Smit – photographer and photography judge.

Father Peter Brannelly – Catholic priest who helped amalgamate Jubilee Parish, Brisbane.

John Preece – worked at the Carnarvon Tracking Station during first moon landing.

Bill Hatfield – oldest person to sail around the world unassisted, non-stop

Erika Redgrove – a World War II migrant who saw Australia become a successful multicultural country